Understanding How The Concept Of Poverty And Disability Is Intertwined

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Fewer people would realize that poverty is quite synonymous with disability. The relationship between poverty and disability is quite evident. Analyzing the bidirectional relationship between the two concepts would present you multiple definitions and depend on the perspective, an elementary idea about how you can help the poor or the disabled in the society can also be formed. Disabled people are one of the poorest groups in the world. You can’t neglect the fact that the persons living in poverty are more vulnerable to disabilities or you can even say that those with disabilities stay poor due to barriers, lack of opportunities or discrimination.

Why Is The Concern About Poverty And Disability Necessary?

We need to look at disability not as an isolated aspect but in its totality to create equal opportunities and to address the economic, social and political participation of people with disabilities. There is a multitude of studies that have been conducted to demonstrate the significant rate of disability among individuals living in poverty. A person with disabilities also has the human rights to live a life free from poverty.

Initiatives And Implications:

As per the reports suggested by UN, there are only 45 countries throughout the globe that have anti-discrimination and other disability-specific laws. Employment is seen as a critical agent in reducing the stigma and increasing capacity in the lives of individuals with disabilities or in the lives of disabled individuals who are suffering from poverty. Elementarily empowerment is the key. Some initiatives can be taken to empower the people living with disabilities. Some of these are described below:

  • People with disabilities are often excluded from their communities due to the fear of not being accepted, and so the first and foremost thing to do is treating the persons equally as any other human.
  • Any sort of negative attitudes or discrimination means that people with disabilities are not welcome in the community and so they need to get some extra attention as compared to the normal people.
  • Information o services, official administration, and public meetings can be hard to access for the people with disabilities or those who are suffering from poverty, so it is important to make the resources accessible to them.
  • There should be reservation for these socially dominated sectors as they don’t have the same amount of resources like the normal people.
  • Campaigns, as well as schemes, need to be initiated by the government, NGOs or individual communities for the development of the disabled and the poor.
  • The basic amenities, as well as education, healthcare, and employment, should be given a priority in the case of the poor and disabled.

What Does It Look Like To “End Poverty”?

There is one thing that you should make very clear; Poverty is not just about money, it is also about the access to opportunities and the ability to participate and make decisions. Persons with disabilities are lifted out of poverty when they are endowed with the equal opportunities for employment, education, health, access to necessary sports and services and are included in the general poverty reduction and social protection programmes.